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Hi, and welcome to the Tips & Tricks page. It is going to be eclectic and random. Just thoughts as they appear...
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Now, let's talk Tips...
1. Box Cushions versus T Cushions Slipcovers
2. Removing wrinkles from slipcover
3. Preventing your slipcover from shifting
4. Installing your slipcover

5. Summer Tip to survive a broken air conditioner

1. Box Cushions versus T Cushions Slipcovers
Some of you have been confused and asking: Why do you keep talking about Box and T Cushion? And what do slipcovers have to do with my cushions? This is sooo annoying!

Well... That's because slipcovers made for T seat cushions are built differently from slipcovers made for Box seat cushions, so the 2 models are not interchangeable.
Here's a picture that shows the difference

If you order the wrong shape for your furniture, it will not fit it properly, you will be disappointed, and very likely will have to return it. Wouldn't you rather spend a few minutes making sure before ordering?
2. Removing wrinkles from slipcover
If your slipcover is wrinkled, throw it for 10-15 minutes in the dryer with a damp cloth on a low setting to remove the wrinkles. Personally, I use a thoroughly wet white pillowcase. My first thought was to use a towel, but it could leave lint on some fabric.
The important thing is to immediately remove the slipcover from the dryer. Actually, installing it while it is still slightly damp will make the wrinkles disappear even better. Simply smooth any wrinkle with your hand as you install the cover.

This trick works well with other things too. A clean shirt got so wrinkled that it needs ironing? Try the 10-minute dryer treatment. You may not have to get the iron out...
In fact, I almost never iron anymore. When doing the laundry (clothing), I throw it in the dryer for a maximum of 15 minutes, then hang every piece of clothing to finish drying. No ironing needed.
Of course, only do this with clean items. The heat of the dryer could "bake" a stain, making it quite impossible to remove.

3. Preventing your slipcover from shifting
If your slipcover is to be used over leather furniture, first place a strip of non-skid rug padding on the seat before installing the cover to prevent it from sliding. Non-skid shelf-liner should also work well. Sometimes, the Dollar Store carries it.
I'd suggest to test it on a hidden place to ensure the material won't damage the leather.

4. Installing your slipcover
• Bribe a friend into helping you, it'll go much faster. Personally, I think ice-cream makes a nice bribe...
• Save your fingers and use a wooden spoon to tuck the excess fabric in the creases of your furniture
• If the furniture pattern is noticeable through the slipcover fabric, place a sheet on the couch before installing the cover. It may also be a good idea when trying to protect furniture from a pet intent on sinking its claws in it, just to add an extra layer
• Locate front and back of slipcover. There's usually a tag that says "center back" at the bottom of the skirt. Also, the arms obviously go in the front

Different models have different instructions, but this picture should provide the basis for all models

Now, after installing your slipcover, push a pool-noodle into the furniture's crevices along the sides and back of the seat to keep the slipcover tucked in. In summer, they can easily be found at the Dollar Store.
Alternatively, you may push in a carton tube. Ask your local fabric store. They often discard long tubes that were used to hold spools of fabric. I'd suggest wrapping it in plastic wrap, just to prevent a spilled water glass from turning into a brown puddle.

Oh, by the way, did I mention it's a lot easier for 2 people to install a slipcover together than for 1 person to do it alone?...

5. Summer Tip to survive a broken air conditioner
Summer weather is here, the sun is beaming, the temperature is soaring way past the comfort zone... and the air conditioning decided to take a vacation.
Don't panic.
First, block all Windows to prevent the sun from visiting. If you have some nice block-out curtains, great. If not, use anything that will do the job. I've even used a broken down cardboard box to prevent the sun from seeping through the blinds. Not pretty, but it worked.
Now, wear as little clothing as possible. Light color and loose fitting. Personally, I recommend the classic birthday suit. (Remember, all the windows are blocked...)
It's now time to get a fan and a spray bottle filled with water. Set yourself in front of the fan... and spray yourself. It's amazing how cooling a few droplets on the skin can be in conjunction with a fan.
Now, you can wait until the A/C is fixed.